About - Silverly Jewelry

Jewelry for Your Wild Soul 🌺

I have been creating art since I can remember but it wasn't until I began metalsmithing that I found my true passion. It was not a surprise that I was drawn to it, it was in my blood, as my beloved late grandfather, and his father, were both jewelers. I feel their spirit alive in me as I work.

The dictionary defines circuitous as '(of a route or journey) longer than the most direct way' and this describes perfectly my long journey to finding my true calling. I absolutely feel that all the things I have done in my life, from being a deputy sheriff to traveling around the world, has led me to this place, and this work.

Through my medium of metal and stone, I do my best to express my love of this beautiful world and the wild souls that inhabit it. I don't want to imagine a world without untamed places, as that is where I feel most at peace. Through my jewelry I want people to feel like they are carrying the spirit of the wild places with them as they journey through their own lives.

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